The Holidays Plus a Walton, Minus a Walton

This year was our little Walton’s first Christmas! And while sometimes this third baby of mine seems like a lot of work (which is not untrue), he is such a wonderful addition to our family. Vivienne’s kindness really shows when she is being such a great big sister. And Ellen has such a personality and is busy entertaining him already. Walton loves getting out of the house. I forget that sometimes and while its easier to stay inside especially when its so freakin cold outside, it usually is always beneficial for everyone when we can get out including Walton. Only about 2 more months and he’ll be able to go to the gym daycare! Watch out Korte Rec. It will be just a nice quite Tuesday morning then all of a sudden you’ll be getting 3 at once!

He is just really starting to get social — smiling and laughing at people and things that he must find amusing. He would have loved to stare at the crazy faces and be startled by the weird noises my dad would make at the kids. Babies, when not crying or fussing, are really a great thing for people like my dad. He could just hold them and feel that joy that I think most people get when they hold a baby. We look on in awe at these little things in amazement and wonder about the little person they will become.

Losing someone so close to you feels weird during the holidays because they were so present at those times. I kept expecting dad to appear from the hallway with his arms out a “da da daa” noise comes to mind. We talked about dad at Christmas lunch and the girls are aware that Gma and mommy (me) are sad that Gpa is not there but they are quick to say matter of fact statements like “Gpa is dead” or “yeah Gpa died.” I think they just say it because its something they don’t really ever say otherwise, but it still sounds a bit shocking.

Below are pictures from Vivienne’s first Christmas and seeing these makes me so glad that he had these special little moments with the two girls, but also very sad that Walton will not get those. I am usually the one trying to snap a million pictures, and still when I look for pictures of my dad in the past few years makes me wish I took more because the kids only memories of him will be through the video and pictures that we have … I just thought that we would get in a few more before the last.


And although it was a Christmas without dad, we focused on the two new little beings that celebrated their first Christmas at mom’s house this year. Little Walton and Emma, only 6 days apart spent the day together. They each took turns napping, fussing, eating and almost kind of smiling! It is so magical watching the two babies next to each other. I love this family of mine. We have each other and are so close much in part because that is how dad wanted us to be. And now we’re raising the next generation with that same kindness and closeness that he would have wanted to see.

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