To My Baby Walton

Dear Walton,

I wanted to write something just for you because it seems as though all of your milestones and updates get added onto a holiday or something else that involve your two older sisters. But trust me they are not an afterthought. In fact every little thing that you do is talked about more than ever because of those two sisters that are watching you constantly. They put toys in your hand that you cannot yet hold. They give you an endless amount of kisses and hugs which I am sure is strengthening your immune system. They laugh with your every smile and coo. They are probably the greatest gift that I could give you.


Here we are at the end of 2017 and you are almost 4 months old. Here are some things that we know about our baby Walton:

  • You carry most of your baby weight in your legs/thighs. There are rolls that never see the light of day!
  • If there is a blanket anywhere near you it will find a way up over your face and eyes.
  • You poop approximately every 1.75-2.5 days. Poop days are good days.
  • You drink only momma’s milk but always from a bottle. You think nursing is a fun game at this point.
  • You fall asleep between 5/6pm … and wake up at 9p, 1a, 4a, 6/7a :) Mom and dad take turns with you though mom still wakes up to pump your food out of my body.
  • You laugh the most when daddy finds your tickle spots in the morning.
  • You have huge boogers.
  • You smile easy, but only when being smiled at.

You will hear a lot about your grandpa, my dad Larry Walton, because your name is my maiden name. While it is certainly a bummer that you did not make memories with him you should take pride in knowing that you are named after a kind, big hearted, funny (most of the time) person who smiled more than he frowned and who loved you.

I know that it is impossible that you will never feel like the third child. Whatever that means … but even though I have done this before, you take my breath away. I put your cheek up to my cheek and breath in your baby smell, listen to your baby sounds and know you are mine and I will love you forever.

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