Well Walton was the only “NAY”baby but on Chester’s side we added THREE little boys to the mix this year. Baby Silas (10m), Baby James(6m) and Baby Walton(3m) were all born this year. (photo cred Aunt Heather). I love watching them already! Silas is of course the largest because he is the oldest and¬†possesses the genetic disposition toward the taller population. James is just so smiley and happy. Walton we don’t know as much about yet but I feel like he’s just taking it all in and kind of deciding what part he will play in this 2017 trio of boys.

I love this family for so many reasons. The words that come to mind are food, babies, games and of course love. Some of the family we don’t get to see quite as often as we would like but when they get together its like they are just a pack and just know they have to love each other.¬†We remind the girls that while friends are important, they may come and go, but your family are the ones that will be there for you forever. I hope they will grow up with this net of support and feel they always have a place they will belong or even run to if they can not come to us for some reason.

Nana got all the kids fingerlings and in turn we got her a vacuum. Ha! I also will never forget the happiest face of all of the day — Christian learning that Nana would give him her old vacuum. Who knew its vacuums that make people so happy! The kids are always so happy to be with their cousins and then add Christmas presents and amazing Christmas dinner on top of that and they are in their happy place, truly.



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