Moving to the Other Side of the River and Life There

We are Never Moving Again
Welp we did it. Our Valentines Day weekend consisted of 1 moving truck, 3 movers, 100+ boxes, 1 Chester, 1 Allison, 0 kids, 1 Boullie, 1 minivan, 3 fast food meals, 18 hours total.

The truck came at 8 am on Saturday and we were out of our apartment completely by 1 am Sunday. This was our first time using movers but after sitting there watching them (while eating a donut no less) going up and down our stairs loading the truck with all our stuff then also proceed to watch them unload, at the end it makes you want to hug them and give them all your money because you did not have to do it yourself.

We had moved 3 times in the city before luring friends with pizza, beer and the promise that we would be there for them when they moved next, probably the most valuable of the things. But moving with all the stuff of 2 extra people – even though they are little people, was insane. I did not quite realize how much stuff we had until I saw it all not quite fitting into the huge moving truck. And we even tried to do our due diligence of taking weird toys in the van the week beforehand. I can remember saying to Chester a few times, why are we going to spend the time moving that when we can just have the movers take it. Thank goodness for my husband and his readiness to move things. I believe this came from a time in his life where his dad made him move piles of wood from one spot to a different spot is what he has described. But one thing about Chester is that if I get something ready and ask him to move it, he will do it! And he does it so fast, its amazing. I think that may be one of the reasons we have lasted so long, is because I need this kind of mover in my life.

Highland, IL – Our Stars Hollow
So that is a comparison that my friend Bonnie made. And though it may not be as quaint as Stars Hollow, Highland is pretty damn quaint for an Illinois town. What we know about Highland so far: 

  • We know about all of our other neighbors from our one neighbor.
  • Nudge Coffee is walking distance from our house and has a mint cream latte.
  • There is a park called Helvetia Sharpshooters Society, this is where the Madison county fair is. We are not sure if you have to prove you are sharpshooter to attend. There is also a huge dirt racking track down there, not really sure what its really called.
  • We joined the Korte Recreation Center. We workout when the water aerobics class is in session and also when all their husbands are working out in their jeans.
  • There is something called PB&J Fridays in the summer.

I mean we have only been here a little over a week. So we’ll find out more and report back.

What the Future Holds
This is my LAST WEEK AT CAPTIVA. I don’t think I really believe that. I am both looking forward to the change and also can’t swallow sometimes when I think about it. It would be one thing if it were happening in my hometown. But being away has made me stressed. I broke down one night thinking that I am going to become a woman that lets herself go, yells at her kids and shops at Wal-Mart for groceries. After being talked down from the ledge, spending a small fortune at Ulta and vowing to shower everyday I think I will make it. We are taking it one day at a time until Chester starts working and there is a BEACH VACATION in our future!

Quick Boullie Update
Boullie is probably the happiest member of our family in the new house. He has been sleeping with this look on his face like he hasn’t been able to sleep without anxiety for years. So you’re welcome Bou.


A Little White Pill for Boullie – Dealing with Dog Anxiety

Boullie has made it though some tough storms and flash floods here in Missouri’s summer. After going though a Thundershirt, anxiety collar, a few kennels, lots of kids toys and nights of unrest we found something that seems to be working for Boullie. While we didn’t want to medicate our dog where he would not be himself, something like doggy Xanax is not something we wanted we found a little white pill that keeps him chill and also has him coming back out with us on the couch. Its for depression, but works for his anxiety, called Buspirone.

He still likes his kennel plenty. A while back we had to upgrade to somewhat of an indestructible dog cage for him which looks worse that it is. But it is necessary for him to feel safe and for us to know that he’s not going to hurt himself (too badly, he did break a tooth before the little white pill).

But I am happy to say that he is sitting beside me on the couch at this very moment which is not something that he has done for months. He would usually stay to the corners and holes of the house where he could keep his head hidden. I missed my cuddly dog and I think he is going to be okay, at least until we can find a better place for the whole family, including him to live.


We Leave the Light On …. for Boullie

Yes we have a big scardy, pathetic dog that can’t seem to hide from the wind in our house. We have done way more than leave the light on to try and combat his anxiety, but he is just so unmanageable. He pants and shakes and cowers and digs … digs in our closets! The worst, especially when there is a wedding dress involved. (After a pregnant, hysteric attack the dress is fine, but ALL of Chester’s suits had to go to the dry cleaner).

With the baby in the master, the room with the deepest closet that Boullie HAS to get into, we have had to take drastic measures. Every night for the past 3 nights he has gotten into that room/closet, woke up the baby and brought my stress levels to a max — all this between 12am and 4 am of course. We got him a ThunderShirt that sounds good in theory, but did not really make a difference in Boullie’s panic attacks.

IMAG2693  IMAG2694

So here is Bou in his new home, also my closet — sorry if I smell like a dog from here on out. And again in his second favorite place, the bathroom.

Thank you for such great friends – Tim & Angie that volunteered and even picked Boullie up from our house so he could hide in their house with Baiya for this last (hopefully) winter storm that passed through this weekend.

I so wish we knew what to do to help our puppy. We love Boullie – our first NayBaby.

Our First Nay Baby – Boullie

Boullie just landed in our laps as most animals that you love the most do. He was a birthday present to Chester from his brother. Austin works at a downtown bar and someone walks in with the most pathetic, starving puppy and asks if anyone will take him. Austin being the animal loving human being that he is took the puppy.

After being diagnosed with possible parvo, a horrible life threatening virus, Boullie pulled through with much love and he became our first NayBaby.


Vivi is 6 Days Old Update

Via Facebook Post:

Yes yes another baby post because that is all we do here!

Boullie got home yesterday to meet Vivi. They are still sniffing each other out I think. Bou is a little more anxious than Vivi.

We have had a few nights home, yesterday being the one that we realized what an all nighter as parents feels like … the morning is even worse. Physical Pain.

We have discovered Foyle’s War on Netfilx, a Masterpiece series, that is good to time feedings. Another English drama I love and Chester surprisingly has also taken to, as he does a Chief Inspector SuperIntendent Foyle impressionation around the house any time he can get the chance.

We think she is trying to get the hand of the smile thing although they border to looking like her gassy face. She is a healthy eater and growing more beautiful by the day. Chester can stop saying how much he loves her eyes … during the short periods of the day that they are open.