Week #2 With Naybie #3 | Walton Henry Nay


Oh baby oh baby. When people ask you if you’re ready for your new born to arrive the real answer is NO. While you can’t wait to see what he will look like and you are so ready to not be pregnant, no one is really ready and up for all that a newborn entails. And it is true that you forget all the work, back breaking pain and amount of time it takes to get this tiny little thing through his daily life. But you smile and say “yes” or “as ready as we’ll ever be” leave and hope for the best.

I will pretense this post that I am writing coming from a third c-section. When I say that I’ve had 3 sections I wish people knew how much I did and do want to push a baby out the natural way, but I did try with baby #1 a little bit with baby #2 and by this time yes we opted for a scheduled c-section. A nurse in the hospital said that her husband was wishing for a c-section because he was so scared of a vaginal birth. There are so many things wrong with that sentence that I can’t even begin to explain. Knowing just that about the husband of hers I can only say that he is a very evil little man.

A wholly able bodied person on their best day would be completely worn down taking care of a newborn. Now take that person, cut her in half, take out an 8 lb turkey from her belly, ask her to breastfeed that turkey round the clock on top of all the other newborn care … and then you wouldn’t be surprised that this person is writing a blog post and three paragraphs in hasn’t even mentioned the name of her new blessed child.

Here are some things that I forgot that I wanted to get down for myself to remember … maybe when a 4th child itch comes rolling around. The lower back pain from the spinal block, the feeling that you are a Westworld host that you can’t shake, the idea of laughing, couching and gaging, the feeling that you will never comfortably lay down or sleep ever again, the tears that come from not being able to pee and poop, the painfulness of a rock hard breast.

The section above was written in the middle of the night on probably the 2nd or 3rd day home. It was a dark rough time for this momma. Now that we are at the 2 week mark we have had a chance to breath and are lucky that we have had so much help from family and friends. This time around we have needed all the help we can get with not only keeping us fed but keeping a family of F.I.V.E. alive and 2 little girls that need constant reassurance that they are still as important to us as ever.

This name we have had in our head for a while since waiting for the gender on our first (Viv). Originally we were going to use Walton as a middle name but I was really wanting Walton to be a prominent part of our life so a bargain was struck right before our anatomy ultra sound for Vivi and Walton as a first name was born. He is just the sweetest little yellow baby. I didn’t know if he would look like a boy since I was so used to staring into the eyes of little girl babies but he is for sure our little guy and feels different than holding the girls. Maybe the mother-son bond thing has already begun. He is a good sleeper as most newborns should be for the sanity of their parents. And he is a good eater, but we did have to do two blood foot pricks to keep an eye on his bilirubin levels. Happy to report that its one the downward trend and he seems to be looking a bit less yellow everyday. Gosh for sleeping so much and not really knowing what his little personality will be like we sure are falling in love just watching him sleep, kissing his little baby lips, rubbing our cheeks on his soft baby head and taking deep smells in the nape of his wrinkly neck.


THIS aspect of motherhood is so tiring. While Walton seemed to be a good eater, he was not gaining the weight we wanted at a week out and that combined with the bilirubin levels, we had to supplement with formula already. We have used formula with both the girls and I am completely fine with it but when you’re committed to breast feeding and working around the clock to keep it up, it is a little devastating to have to supplement. We had already been having latch problems which lead to the also upsetting purchase of my first nipple shield. We have only done about 24 hours of formula after nursing, but I had to get into the habit of pumping after each nursing session. And now I am producing a ton of milk and seem to need to nurse or pump every 2 hours on the dot. Or else I’m getting out a hot compress so as not to engorge myself. I could talk about nursing all day long … talking about my milk dud is what this blog was built on but I’ll stop and share a funny fact that only one of my boobs makes about 95% of my supply.

Being outnumbered by kids, we need all the help we can get. I often reflect and say how lucky we are to have such great family and friends but in times like these where they are actually feeding our family, watching and entertaining the girls when we can’t give them that attention they need and just being there to nod their head when I complain about nursing woes … (which is all the time if you haven’t gotten that yet) is truly the time where I am so happy that we have made these relationships a priority in our lives.

My mom, GMA watched the girls while we were in the hospital and make their time together into a short introduction to preschool since the girls were missing their first week of school in Highland. Knowing that the girls were not just looked after but that they were being enriched and educated is amazing! Also both of Chester’s moms have come up and stayed with us. All you need when your MIL’s stay is baking supplies and the rest just works itself out (that is if you have great ones like I do). Robin and Lori have been so helpful in the kitchen and keeping up with the girls while I have been literally attached to Walton about 80% of the day.

We were so happy to have some company in the hospital. Some parents don’t like to be visited. The hospital can be a venerable time for families. I mean after a c-section you’re most likely wearing mesh underwear and a hospital gown. But it was nice to have a break up in the day for us with some hospital visitors.

After the hospital we came home and the girls started school right away and Chester went right back to work. After I got over the pain hump and was able to lay down flat for a few hours of restful sleep I was in much better spirits. Though the days seem sooooooo long now, double since I live a complete full day at night doing feedings and pumping. I think that we are getting into a good little groove of the girls going to school and soon we’ll be back to the gym a few days a week just to walk and get the girls out of the house on the days they don’t have school. Speaking of school …. I am planning on getting back into things with my MAT program in October though I have no idea when I will have time to sit down for more than a few minutes yet.

Our friends in Highland have really be awesome. I can’t begin to explain how different it is to have some people who are around that we can count on. From taking the girls at literally 5 minutes notice for me to take Walton to a doctor appointment to taking them to the pool when I cannot just to get them out of the house has been amazing. We have had meals brought to us and rides home from school so I don’t have to leave twice in the morning. Seeing these ladies juggle their kids and schedules and meals and also giving us their precious time has made me look more and more at houses to buy in Highland because I don’t want to leave this feeling of community that we have made here.


Ready-ish for a Naybie BOY

At this moment we have said that this will probably most likely surly be the last baby that I am going to carry. I am not one that loves or really hates pregnancy; it is a long 9 month road. Don’t get me wrong it is so special and a truly amazing thing that anyone’s body can transform and grow a little human, but besides just the gestation period there is the recovery after, the breastfeeding battle (or if nothing else it is a pain and time suck, literally) oh and the next 18 years of trying to nurture and raise an upstanding or at least contributing member of society.

I did feel the need to get some last family pics of just the 4 of us. We really have not had professional photos taken since Ellen was born … I just tried to find them on the blog and looks like they never got posted. I guess that just goes to show that with a 2 month old and 17 month old there was literally no time for this blog. I am wondering if it will have to take a back seat again for this Naybie. I also wanted to remember the baby bump, since (again) this will be my last one (I promise I’m not just saying that to convince myself). Also since I have ZERO monthly chalkboards for this guy. I didn’t loose the board or anything … it is prominently hanging in our kitchen. I just never got the energy for it this time around :( poor baby. Thank you to Brook Lewis Photography for being so patient on a hot morning with a crabby 3 year old and to Widmer Floral for the special babies breath crowns for the girls. I don’t know what it is about professional photos, but they just look so much better than anything I take on my camera or iphone. The only ones of Ellen in particular smiling are because Chester is in the background being a monkey … which is why he isn’t in most of them.




Our house is somewhat ready-ish for this guy. While there really is no nursery, there is a guest room with a crib set up for him! And we have a little nook in this room that started as the master bedroom and is still that, but also a catch all room for the girl’s art table, my desk and now where most of the baby’s stuff resides. I have been trying wash all of the things we have had in storage for 3+ years and am reminded of just how much stuff these little babies require. And also how much new stuff they have come out with in the short amount of time we haven’t had a baby. A rock-n-play? A sit-me-up? Seem to be the latest must haves in baby land. Also thanks to some wonderful friends and family of ours I think we are set in the clothes department and even diapers/wipes/baby wash for now.

It has probably seemed like we have said that the baby is almost here forever to those little girls whose perception of time is so different from ours. So while we are just 13 days away at this point I don’t know if they believe me in knowing just how close we really are. They love giving kisses to my belly and the baby on a daily basis. And they love babies they see in the gym daycare or even walking around the store. Hopefully with school starting right when the baby comes will only add to their excitement and they won’t feel like they are cooped up all day long with him.

I have also forgotten how much Chester really loves babies. He just loves to mess with anything really and babies are no exception. In fact it is probably worse with babies since they are experiencing everything for the first time and Chester loves to see their reactions and expressions from blowing in their face and their ears. Tickling all the little crevices and rolls. It is so fun watching him with babies.

Everyone looks at how huge I am and says “you must be ready” and trust me I am ready to sleep on my back, roll on my stomach and even run and jump. BUT I am also dreading the recovery, sleepless nights, anxiety of newborn cries. Also I know that he is so safe in there. Maybe because we are saying this is the last one that I will carry, that I feel sad knowing that once he leaves that I’ll be lonely. I don’t remember feeling that sadness before with the girls. Also this guy is so animated in there already that I’ll miss the constant buddy reminding me that he is in there. And I know there will be moments where I wish I could just put him back in there … kangaroos have it figured out I think. And with my school semester wrapping up I am breathing a sigh of relief that I’ll be able to take a short break and then back to the books in October.

Boullie is slipping down yet another rung on the totem poll in the Nay house. His anxiety seems less severe since we have moved to Highland, he displays the symptoms of shaking, hiding and panting on a much more frequent basis. I really don’t know if this baby will have a large effect on him other than another thing that will drop things for him to eat on the floor … so how can that be bad for Bou?

So I guess we are ready as we will ever be for this baby boy to shake up our lives. We are so excited to meet him!



Third Pregnancy | Third Trimester

Well we made it into the final weeks (#35weeks) of what has seemed like the longest and shortest pregnancy of all time. We found out super early with this one around January 6th (thank you Magen & Nick’s wedding for that exact date) so I’ve been pregnant ALLL year. Just when it seemed like it would never become hot enough to go to the pool this summer, it was. And the summer months have flown by. Seeing school supplies and summer clearance items at the store has me realizing that our time as a family of 4 is quickly coming to and end.

In retrospect it has been an easy pregnancy. My other two were also pretty smooth sailing. Besides some hiccups with providers and hospitals it looks like we will be delivering this baby via c-section on September 5, 2017 at Missouri Baptist by the same doctor that delivered Viv and Ellen. No this was no the original plan, but when does that ever happen anyway?

I get this question a lot. I think maybe because I am carrying a boy this time around people expect a good answer. The only real differences I can tell is that this baby kicks harder, more and longer than the girls did in utero. Also that I seemed to have ballooned much quicker and feel like I have looked full term all summer. Just in the last week I have been getting the “when are you due” eyes and question because I look and feel uncomfortable. My hair has been pretty full and silky but my skin is struggling this time around.

The girls give kisses to my belly all the time. They also use it as a wall to kick off of in the pool. They have met their newest baby cousin, James a few times this month. Which is great practice! Thank you Aunt Jessica! They seemed pretty sweet and careful around their cousin. Ellen lost interest when he did not hold any of the toys that she found for him. Viv would go back and forth but I think their expectations have been slightly lowered. I believe before they were expecting a baby play thing to come out and instantly jump and run and follow them around. The baby will come right when they start school so they will have many a new things to focus their short attentions.

I love that baby sprinkles are a thing. While getting some new baby stuff is nice, the best part is connecting with friends in different ways and celebrating this baby. It makes it seem like the very special thing that it is and reminds me that even though it is our third, bringing a life into this world is still just as monumental as the first time around. It also reminds me of what a great support system that we have built with friends and family. In the beginning you can feel so isolated, but really people would love for you to ask them for some help, and this time around I will probably be asking more than before since I won’t have as much help being a stay-at-home person and Chester not getting as much time at home.

Donut Galore Sprinkle | July 30 (#33weeks)
My wonderful ex-co-workers whom have turned into life time friends threw me a surprise little sprinkle when I thought we were just meeting for a swim. Gosh I have been through so much with Magen, Angie and Bonnie since we met in my early twenties. So much changes and happens in that decade that we have witnessed some of life’s greatest moments together. I am so looking forward to celebrating Bonnie’s wedding with her in October, which will probably be this momma’s first night out post this Naybie.

IMG_0702-2 IMG_0693-2 IMG_0688-2IMG_4020

Highland Punch Sprinkle | Aug 6 (#35weeks)
This party was so special to me because we really haven’t lived in Highland that long of a time … not even 2 years. But it shows what a great community and life that we have made here, after going through the biggest and scariest move to date. These ladies, all of whom are Korte gym members (ha!) are so inspiring to me in different ways. It is amazing to me to see each one of them balance their kids, work and health everyday and do so with smiles. I call this a Highland Punch because I requested a kids free, boozy event so we could sit without running after kids and leaving half of our conversations unfinished. I could actually see Julie’s home at a time not crawling with kids of all sizes … not sure when the last time that has happened in her party house.


STL Sprinkle | Aug 20 (#37weeks)
And of course our wonderful friends from St. Louis, most of which we owe thanks to Boullie that we have met, threw us a small-big party with a delicious spread and happy memories. While we don’t get to see this bunch as much as we did when we lived in the area we are always so surprised and honored that they keep us as friends, even if it means crossing a river a few times. Our St. Louis family knew us before and after kids and have stuck by us through it all. It has been wonderful watching them through marriages, kids, moves and of course Tower Grove kickball. We are ever so thankful that this bunch has our back.


Love, The Nays

A Little Party for My Naybies

Our world is made up of laughs, cries, songs and silliness from these two little ladies.
Vivienne age 3/4 & Ellen age 2/3.

Today we pulled off maybe the biggest and best party for the girls ever. With the final head count at 38 adults and 21 kiddos we all felt pretty loved and lucky to have such great friends and family show up for the girls birthday party at Silver Lake in Highland. Viv turned 4 in March and Ellen is 3 in June … and this momma just turned 30 a few days ago so plenty of Happy Birthdays went around. And of course we all had to have our own cake!!

The day couldn’t have been any nicer. This weekend followed what seemed like an eternity of cold rain. So sunshine and 70 degree weather had everyone in good spirits, add some cake, 2 pinatas, margaritas, taco bar and being surrounded by little laughs all day I don’t think anyone could have had a bad time.

The girls’ birthday surprise!!
Finding out if they are going to have a little baby brother or baby sister coming in September 2017! 

We are beyond thrilled to make Vivi the leader of our Naybie pack and Ellen a middle child (just like Chester). We realize that this time before baby comes is so very precious, so we hope to make the most of it this summer with our two beautiful girls.

Always and forever, Love the Nays.


Running Out of Womb

I can see the sympathetic glances as I walk/waddle past people these days. Women in the elevator giving me hugs at work and I can feel the weight of this baby with every step that I take. YES, I/WE ARE READY.

After a small melt down about the house not being ready as I believe EVERY expecting mother goes through, resulted in THE LIST for our wonderful husbands that HAVE to love us because THEY did this to us. And some how that fact that a pile of papers fell off the table that I have to pick up is his fault because the fan was left on that blew them off … it makes perfect sense at the time when we are gritting our teeth wondering how they could do this to us. Nesting last time around seemed to involve more decorating verses cleaning … Also we were thinking of a midwife birth verses a scheduled c-section, but eh what can you do.

So our house is probably the cleanest it has ever been thanks to Chester, a Rug Doctor, a new mop and mostly Chester. It is wonderful. I mean he scrubbed/steamed our couches, what could be better?

IMAG2295  IMAG2292
THE LIST – completed by a wonderful man            NayBaby #1 = 14 months | NayBaby#2 = 39 weeks

IMAG2291  39 Wks
2014 (left) 2013 (right) – donno why I am looking so pointy (gotta be the dress).

So there you have it folks. We are ready here, I hope you are ready for a little more cuteness in this world. Here is what we are looking forward to times 2! Can’t wait to meet our NayBaby #2!


Wedding Season, Strangers + The Belly


However, with little one/s you have to make the decision about how much you are wanting to include them in your friends marital bliss. If given the chance we use weddings as an excuse for a “free” date night out complete with dinner and dancing with good friends — these days it is the only time we get out on the dance floor (probably a good thing judging from Chester’s lawn mower move that made an appearance last weekend).

So this puts me and the belly aka NayBab #2 in the situation where I am in a room with mostly strangers, but they somehow feel a little closer to me than the person in line at the grocery store because we are there celebrating at the same event. I am not overly sensitive about the bellyt touching as long as you know my name. This varies from pregnant person to pregnant person, but in general as long as we have met you are welcome to feel the belly — I totally get that it looks weird and that people wonder what if feels like. I am actually pretty happy to do it for people when they have never touched a baby bump because they are always surprised about how “hard” it is :) Probably the hardest stomach I will ever have. But here are a few things that I wanted to share that I have experienced in bringing my baby bump to weddings. I responded with an annoyed/polite smile most of the time, but here are the in-my-head responses that feel good to type out.

“You look like you’re having twins.”
— >> Really? Because you look like you’re about 6 months along … Oh you’re not pregnant? Well I am NOT having twins.

“Just don’t steel the spotlight from the bride.”
–>> I was really hoping that my water will break and I will give birth in the middle of the dance floor. Sort of a slip and slide effect — would be fun!

“15 months apart? Was that planned.”
–>> I don’t know you. So none of your GD business.

Okay thanks, I feel much better.

I am so happy for the three couples that we got the celebrate their wedding day with this summer! Viv only made it to one of the ceremonies (we are trying to ease her into these things) and did pretty well besides leaving a trail of Cheerios through the church.

Heather & Chris | April 26, 2014

(unfortunately we had to miss this one in the Bahamas, but we are so happy to welcome Heather into the family)











Laura & David | April 26, 2014


Ashley & Matt | May 3, 2014


Kate & Matt | May 17, 2014



Baby Vacation

Well maybe a better name is a baby-less vacation since Vivi has been at Grandma’s house since Sunday night. We have still had to go to work and school, but with our sitter at Disney, Grandma so graciously offered to keep her a few days so we didn’t have to shuttle her back and forth from Wentzville. She will be home tomorrow and while we cannot wait to see that little face, we can’t help but admit that the freedom of being baby-less (well not really for me, carrying around baby #2) has had its perks.

We went on a date
While we were home before 9 pm, we did get to stroll together hand in hand without any baby apparatus attached to us. Surprisingly we ended up on the Loop at Vintage Vinyl listening to Hurray for the Riff Raff with free beer (for Chester), then went to 3 Kings Pub. Highly recommend both of these things! AND of course no date is complete without Ben & Jerry :) Cinnamon Buns has been our favorite as of recent.

IMAG2681   IMAG2682


We moved into the nursery
Yes, literally giving up all of our space to these two little girls. It is a working progress, but I wanted to get things moved so we are not rushing around at the last minute. I also have been antsy to start to decorate the master into a nursery. Chester was a little resistant, then I so gently explained my need for nesting and he came through and got most of the furniture moved into the correct rooms. Crib still needs to be built but the box is open! Nursery Before We were surprised that our bed fit in that tiny room and we feel like it shrunk or that we got bigger. Chester just had to take the door off the closet and the dresser fit also. We will be packed in when the baby and bassinet join us in June!



We slept in past 7 am
No pics to go with this one but it is definitely worth mentioning. We have gotten several updates from Grandma and all reports are good so far, well that Vivi doesn’t miss us one bit and is sleeping like the sweet baby she is.

Wish us luck — our first night in the nursery, pink elephant and all!