Running Out of Womb

I can see the sympathetic glances as I walk/waddle past people these days. Women in the elevator giving me hugs at work and I can feel the weight of this baby with every step that I take. YES, I/WE ARE READY.

After a small melt down about the house not being ready as I believe EVERY expecting mother goes through, resulted in THE LIST for our wonderful husbands that HAVE to love us because THEY did this to us. And some how that fact that a pile of papers fell off the table that I have to pick up is his fault because the fan was left on that blew them off … it makes perfect sense at the time when we are gritting our teeth wondering how they could do this to us. Nesting last time around seemed to involve more decorating verses cleaning … Also we were thinking of a midwife birth verses a scheduled c-section, but eh what can you do.

So our house is probably the cleanest it has ever been thanks to Chester, a Rug Doctor, a new mop and mostly Chester. It is wonderful. I mean he scrubbed/steamed our couches, what could be better?

IMAG2295  IMAG2292
THE LIST – completed by a wonderful man            NayBaby #1 = 14 months | NayBaby#2 = 39 weeks

IMAG2291  39 Wks
2014 (left) 2013 (right) – donno why I am looking so pointy (gotta be the dress).

So there you have it folks. We are ready here, I hope you are ready for a little more cuteness in this world. Here is what we are looking forward to times 2! Can’t wait to meet our NayBaby #2!


Wedding Season, Strangers + The Belly


However, with little one/s you have to make the decision about how much you are wanting to include them in your friends marital bliss. If given the chance we use weddings as an excuse for a “free” date night out complete with dinner and dancing with good friends — these days it is the only time we get out on the dance floor (probably a good thing judging from Chester’s lawn mower move that made an appearance last weekend).

So this puts me and the belly aka NayBab #2 in the situation where I am in a room with mostly strangers, but they somehow feel a little closer to me than the person in line at the grocery store because we are there celebrating at the same event. I am not overly sensitive about the bellyt touching as long as you know my name. This varies from pregnant person to pregnant person, but in general as long as we have met you are welcome to feel the belly — I totally get that it looks weird and that people wonder what if feels like. I am actually pretty happy to do it for people when they have never touched a baby bump because they are always surprised about how “hard” it is :) Probably the hardest stomach I will ever have. But here are a few things that I wanted to share that I have experienced in bringing my baby bump to weddings. I responded with an annoyed/polite smile most of the time, but here are the in-my-head responses that feel good to type out.

“You look like you’re having twins.”
— >> Really? Because you look like you’re about 6 months along … Oh you’re not pregnant? Well I am NOT having twins.

“Just don’t steel the spotlight from the bride.”
–>> I was really hoping that my water will break and I will give birth in the middle of the dance floor. Sort of a slip and slide effect — would be fun!

“15 months apart? Was that planned.”
–>> I don’t know you. So none of your GD business.

Okay thanks, I feel much better.

I am so happy for the three couples that we got the celebrate their wedding day with this summer! Viv only made it to one of the ceremonies (we are trying to ease her into these things) and did pretty well besides leaving a trail of Cheerios through the church.

Heather & Chris | April 26, 2014

(unfortunately we had to miss this one in the Bahamas, but we are so happy to welcome Heather into the family)











Laura & David | April 26, 2014


Ashley & Matt | May 3, 2014


Kate & Matt | May 17, 2014



Baby Vacation

Well maybe a better name is a baby-less vacation since Vivi has been at Grandma’s house since Sunday night. We have still had to go to work and school, but with our sitter at Disney, Grandma so graciously offered to keep her a few days so we didn’t have to shuttle her back and forth from Wentzville. She will be home tomorrow and while we cannot wait to see that little face, we can’t help but admit that the freedom of being baby-less (well not really for me, carrying around baby #2) has had its perks.

We went on a date
While we were home before 9 pm, we did get to stroll together hand in hand without any baby apparatus attached to us. Surprisingly we ended up on the Loop at Vintage Vinyl listening to Hurray for the Riff Raff with free beer (for Chester), then went to 3 Kings Pub. Highly recommend both of these things! AND of course no date is complete without Ben & Jerry :) Cinnamon Buns has been our favorite as of recent.

IMAG2681   IMAG2682


We moved into the nursery
Yes, literally giving up all of our space to these two little girls. It is a working progress, but I wanted to get things moved so we are not rushing around at the last minute. I also have been antsy to start to decorate the master into a nursery. Chester was a little resistant, then I so gently explained my need for nesting and he came through and got most of the furniture moved into the correct rooms. Crib still needs to be built but the box is open! Nursery Before We were surprised that our bed fit in that tiny room and we feel like it shrunk or that we got bigger. Chester just had to take the door off the closet and the dresser fit also. We will be packed in when the baby and bassinet join us in June!



We slept in past 7 am
No pics to go with this one but it is definitely worth mentioning. We have gotten several updates from Grandma and all reports are good so far, well that Vivi doesn’t miss us one bit and is sleeping like the sweet baby she is.

Wish us luck — our first night in the nursery, pink elephant and all!

To My Valentine NayBabies

Today is Valentine’s Day, Vivi’s first, and I can’t think of anyone that I love more than my babies. Everything I do these days are for them and I find it overwhelming how much of ourselves we give to loving them every minute of the day.

NayBaby #2 is 25 Weeks | Vivienne is 11 Months & 7 Days
(Thanks Bhairavi & Ella for the bows!)

IMAG2081    IMAG2076

Vivienne –
I hope you know how much you are loved everyday and forever. You are so happy even today when you are coughing and with snot running down your little face. I hope that you look back on your childhood or babyhood and can remember that you love Boullie, your daddy’s beard and spatulas.

NayBaby –
You are a rocker and a shaker in utero, more so than Vivi was. And more than food (like your sister), you love the calm and are most active when I am relaxing at night time. I think that you have more room in there because someone had it all set up beforehand.

We are busily preparing for your arrival. Luckily all baby necessities are mostly still in use and you will want for nothing. I would also like to point out our 11 months of infant care experience behind us. Your little diapered bottom will be in good hands.

– Love Mom/Mommy/Ma Ma Ma

You Have Been Formally Notified & Warned

These faces say it all, we are expecting the next addition to our family in June 2014.

Vivi and the new baby will be a whopping 15 months apart. So we will be parents with 2 in diapers at the same time — car seats and little socks galore!

Don’t worry baby — I feel ya. Sometimes I think about 2 babies with the same emotions.
IMAG2583 IMAG2596

Why the late announcement you ask? Well it is pretty simple, try finishing anything when you have an 11 month old. Pregnancy with Vivienne was amazing. I don’t feel a bit bad saying that I for real glowed with happiness out of my pregnant pores. This time is a little different in that I just don’t have the time to glow. Its not for a lack of happiness, though this Parenting Paradox I listened to on NPR about how kids actually bring less overall happiness but loads more joy in life. I just have had less time to physically think and prepare for baby #2.

I also blame the seasons. This winter has oh what is the word … SUCKED. I am looking outside at grey and white and just BAD. Basically if it isn’t snowing or raining or wintery mixing, it is so freezing cold that you just want to bite off your fingers. So getting the motivation to do fancy announcements or really anything is a chore.

So here I am folks. I am around the 22 week mark (note the board!) — hair unwashed and somewhat wrong bra for this pic (sorry) — but being a mom the only way I know how.


Oh yes did I mention … GIRL GIRL GIRL GIRL GIRL GIRL. BabyNay is a GIRL!

Online Shopping Obsession AND Under Control

Yes it is probably safe to say that most women have a small to great addiction to shopping. I think I fall somewhere in the middle, but lately my online shopping has been pretty bad … but of course not out of control. I CAN STOP ANYTIME.

With that said, I do have rules.

  • I have to be able to easily return it to the store.
  • It must be on sale or I have a coupon code.
  • I must be able to get free shipping.

Latest purchases:

suit jeans

This bubble swim suit is for Vivi of course. She just can’t squeeze into her 12 month one. The jeans were on sale and in ankle length. AND I used GapCash.

Not only do I like the idea of ordering from the convenience of my own home, but I get them delivered to me at my office which really makes my whole day like Christmas. Small price to pay I would say.