Can She Please Stay a Baby Forever? | Ellen 11 Months

As I was scrolling through this blog I noticed 1) how little I really post 2) how I really dropped the ball for Ellen’s monthly chalkboards 3) how much I love my babies 4) how I need to figure out how to add a favicon to the WordPress blog — it really bugs me. Even though it seems like I have been at the mothering stuff forever, it really has only been a little over 2 years. I have underwear older than that and probably some very weird canned vegetables like carrots.

So here we are with an eleven month old Ellen well 11.5 month old Ellen. Is that crazy?! She was just born. I mean Vivi was just born.

Things you should know about Ellen: 

  1. She has no teeth, ZERO — this is the main reason she looks younger than she is. Which is fine with me, my wittle baby.
  2. She is really good a imitating facial expressions and sounds.
  3. She crawls like a boss. Bear crawl, fast army crawl — whatever gets her there.
  4. She is a thumb sucker.
  5. One of her favorite things is getting her gums brushed with a toothbrush.

Favorite Books: With a big sister, Ellen doesn’t get to pick books. But she loves the Highlights for babies laminated books. These were Vivi’s (of course), but she has since moved up to the magazines. Which she loves. I grew up with Highlights and there is a reason they are still around – better than I expected when mom signed Vivi up for them. #thanksmom!

Favorite Foods: Ellen does pretty well considers she’s gumming it all still. She loves proteins and carbs – eggs, meat, noodles. The only fruits she really likes are bananas and strawberries.

Dislikes: Being put down and left. Diaper changes (I mean who likes these?)

I lost the dang chalkboard, which is why we improvised:

20150519_180600-e1440711453266-1024x576  2-2 20150519_181909-e1432084558286-576x1024 20150519_181840-e1432084577217-576x1024

Here’s Vivi at 11 months:
IMAG2607  IMAG2618

Annndd I actually got some video of 3 of the best things about Ellen. Her bear crawl, her dancing head bob that she does ALL the time. And she still lays her head on my chest while she is sucking her thumb, which is also one of the reasons why it feels like she will be my baby forever. I don’t want those teeth to come!

No Free Time for Anything … Including Blogging

So I recently looked at a poll on maybe on that said that the hardest part of being a parent these days is finding that you have no free time or time to yourself or time to do really anything except for keeping kids alive and fed (which reminds me that I have to make Vivi’s lunch for tomorrow about a half hour long undertaking).

So this poor blog is another one of those projects that is such a good idea in theory BUT falls in the never ending list of things that I start but never really follow through on and finish. I just hung pics in the house from our July family photo shoot and hung letters over the girls cribs that I have been telling myself to do before Ellen was born. But I do feel pretty good every time I see those hanging letters (even if the V is a little crooked and I may have had a few stressful words with Chester while hanging them. Hanging pictures and curtains is really a test of a relationship). Oh the list of other things that I have slightly failed at include:

  • Photo album for Ellen (easier said that done to print pictures and put them in a book)
  • Emails to the girls (Google’s ad made it look so simple)
    • Email them! |
  • Journaling (the last entry I have is from Feb. 2013)
  • Mommy keep sake books (they make it seem so easy to just fill in things each month with pictures — nope)
  • Bow making (not totally my fault since Vivi will NOT keep anything in her hair)

Everyone tells you that it goes by so quickly and to enjoy the baby days. So I have this fear that I will blink and they will be in college and all I will have are the photos and video and blog and journals that will remind me that I had these baby girls. And because I am prone to not remember anything already …. I have this picture in my head that I will be going through all of my files and pics organizing and just marvel at it all and wish that I had more or that I could relive just one day of the baby madness. I do think man it would be so much easier if there was just no platform for blogs (which would actually put me out of a job) … or phones were just that and not also your camera and video. Sometimes I find myself missing something because I am getting my phone to capture this once in a lifetime moment. I have realized this, and found myself more recently stopping myself from grabbing the phone and just playing along and thinking to myself “OK freeze this second in your head so you will always remember that smile and giggle and the way her rolls bounce when she runs away from you.” I don’t know how some mommy bloggers do it. I think they must just have a live feed on their kid at all times and just review the footage and click to get pics … does it make me crazy that I have thought of adding a live feed in my house, again so that I don’t miss anything, but seems a little to prison/big brother ish and wrong or something. We don’t even have a baby monitor of any kind.

Any way for the sake of this NOT being just another draft that I keep in my blog (I have about 12 that I will probably just post at some time unfinished) … Here are just some recent pics of the girls and my family. No real update, no fancy captions. And just the hope that I will make myself sit down more often and keep it up so that its not just another dusty blog in the sea of once loved blogs.

20140831_180627   20140831_14461120140830_102017
We both went on vacations to different lakes. I had Ellen, Chester had Vivi.

20140825_093128 20140825_093212 20140825_093307
Blasts from the past.


img_3132_0234 img_3122_0224
First toe dipping in the river from Nana.

20140903_163452 20140903_171438 20140910_134116
Vivi at home.


20140914_173914  20141012_123530  10311773_10100352109681532_6930800542011399946_n
Ellen at home growing.

My crazy, awesome family – couch time.


Ellen ONE Month Update

Whew! So Ellen is ONE month old, has had her check up at the doctor and is looking big and beautiful these days. Weighing in at 10 lbs 4 oz she has gained 3 pounds this month and in the 95 percentile of babies. At one month, Viviennne was 12 lbs 11 oz and pretty much off the charts. Smaller is OKAY with me!



  • Chain Sneezes | She cannot give just one or two but more like 5 or 6 every time she sneezes
  • Strong Neck | Arches her head and neck back to the point where it looks unnatural (first pic)
  • Bright Eyes | Ellen has the biggest, inquisitive eyes (second pic)
  • Mad Sleeper | Ellen sleeps with a mad face. Its like she doesn’t want to be asleep but the alternative is so much worse so she makes herself sleep and blames us for it (third pic)

IMAG3126  IMAG3151  IMAG3038


This is probably the question we most often get. And right now Vivienne is great. We are all in a luxury phase while Ellen sleeps like a baby 80% of the day really. Once she starts to roll, grab and have her own needs and wants besides eating, sleeping and pooping I think we will all be in for a wake up call. But Vivi wants to kiss Ellen ALL THE TIME! Probably about 5-10 kisses in a hour, and that is when we let her. Boullie used to get all the kisses, but these days Vivi only has eyes for Ellen. She has basically found that kissing is one of the only OKAY methods of interaction with Ellen. We put a limit to the touching, grabbing and licking of the baby; you know because we are really good parents.



Which means the end of maternity leave and real life begins. Another maternity leave coming to a close and like the last one I can say that I was really NOT productive at all. Closets did not get cleaned, freezer meals did not get made (or any meal for that matter) and really I don’t care that much. At the beginning of a 6 week “break” we have such high aspirations but this we are thinking in terms of pre-baby. Once those babies come all chores/duties are off besides the “dooty” that comes out of Ellen.

I am looking forward to spending more time with these babies of mine. After much number crunching, weighing the pros and cons and then just getting down to the bottom line that I want more time at home. I am working with Captiva to go to a flex schedule where I will be in the office 3 days a week and at home for 2, so almost part-time.


Ellen: 10 pounds 4 ounces                                           Vivienne: 12 pounds 11 ounces
IMAG3205  IMAG1324


Ellen’s One Week Update

Ellen Olivia Nay was born on June 5, 2014 at 11:30 am.

Weight: 8 lbs 9 oz
Length: 21.5 in


After seeing that Ellen could be a 10 pound baby from our last ultrasound, we decided to go ahead with the scheduled C-Section we had planned if she didn’t decide to come before then. After a day of walking, raspberry tea drinking, a primrose oil pill (we are no stranger to trying to get induce labor naturally) — and only small Braxton Hicks like contractions, we dropped off Boullie with his bestie Bayia, dropped of Vivi with the Grandparents, and checked in to the hospital at 9 am.

Though Vivi did not do great in the hospital setting meeting Ellen, she wasn’t awful and has become really sweet with Ellen at home.

All you want is to see what you baby will look like, but the fact is that even when they come out, you still have no idea. Vivienne surprises me today with her curly hair and long eyelashes. So even though they my look similar as newborns — who knows?! They each have their own unique qualities and we are so lucky to get to watch their little personalities grow into the little people we will help them become.

Here are a few comparison photos I have been wanting to see side-by-side myself.

ELLEN pics on the LEFT | VIVIENNE pics on the RIGHT

In the OR
SANY0230   Vivienne Rose 228

Open Eyes
IMAG2348   IMG_1911

Daddy Pics
SANY0234  Vivi Home (al cell) (11)


Vivi Home (al cam) (28)


Ellen is almost back to her birth weight at one week which means that mama has been doing my job waking her up to eat every few hours. I really do this more for myself than Ellen – as I am determined to stay on top of breast feeding to avoid any pains early on that I can — so far no cabbage needed (just a high power hospital pump).

Like all newborns Ellen sleeps A LOT which is a biological necessity for ANY parent to enjoy this period of “rest.” I don’t remember Vivi sleeping quite this much, but I’ll take it! Ellen does seem to be getting her days and nights straight. She is awake for a bit in the morning and then a bit during dinner then for the past 2 nights has slept for 3 hours at a time.

What a wonderful addition to our family Ellen is!

Running Out of Womb

I can see the sympathetic glances as I walk/waddle past people these days. Women in the elevator giving me hugs at work and I can feel the weight of this baby with every step that I take. YES, I/WE ARE READY.

After a small melt down about the house not being ready as I believe EVERY expecting mother goes through, resulted in THE LIST for our wonderful husbands that HAVE to love us because THEY did this to us. And some how that fact that a pile of papers fell off the table that I have to pick up is his fault because the fan was left on that blew them off … it makes perfect sense at the time when we are gritting our teeth wondering how they could do this to us. Nesting last time around seemed to involve more decorating verses cleaning … Also we were thinking of a midwife birth verses a scheduled c-section, but eh what can you do.

So our house is probably the cleanest it has ever been thanks to Chester, a Rug Doctor, a new mop and mostly Chester. It is wonderful. I mean he scrubbed/steamed our couches, what could be better?

IMAG2295  IMAG2292
THE LIST – completed by a wonderful man            NayBaby #1 = 14 months | NayBaby#2 = 39 weeks

IMAG2291  39 Wks
2014 (left) 2013 (right) – donno why I am looking so pointy (gotta be the dress).

So there you have it folks. We are ready here, I hope you are ready for a little more cuteness in this world. Here is what we are looking forward to times 2! Can’t wait to meet our NayBaby #2!


To My Valentine NayBabies

Today is Valentine’s Day, Vivi’s first, and I can’t think of anyone that I love more than my babies. Everything I do these days are for them and I find it overwhelming how much of ourselves we give to loving them every minute of the day.

NayBaby #2 is 25 Weeks | Vivienne is 11 Months & 7 Days
(Thanks Bhairavi & Ella for the bows!)

IMAG2081    IMAG2076

Vivienne –
I hope you know how much you are loved everyday and forever. You are so happy even today when you are coughing and with snot running down your little face. I hope that you look back on your childhood or babyhood and can remember that you love Boullie, your daddy’s beard and spatulas.

NayBaby –
You are a rocker and a shaker in utero, more so than Vivi was. And more than food (like your sister), you love the calm and are most active when I am relaxing at night time. I think that you have more room in there because someone had it all set up beforehand.

We are busily preparing for your arrival. Luckily all baby necessities are mostly still in use and you will want for nothing. I would also like to point out our 11 months of infant care experience behind us. Your little diapered bottom will be in good hands.

– Love Mom/Mommy/Ma Ma Ma

Eleven Month Old Update

Vivienne will always be our baby girl, even when there is another baby girl in the house, but my how she has changed and the time has gone by. We are in full preparation for a first birthday party for this NayBaby.

At eleven months Vivi crawls like she is on a mission to explore every nook and cranny in the house. Anything that she can get her hands on goes into her mouth, including Boullie’s tail, paper and an occasionally an old Cheerio. She like Bonnie I know would lick her hand, rub it on the floor, lick it again and then look up with the biggest, happiest smile on her face.

Favorite Books: Pat the Bunny & The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Favorite Foods: Bananas, Pumpkin Pancakes
Battling: Diaper Rash
Teeth Count: 2 on Bottom, 4 on Top
Does not like: Green Veggies, Hats, Diaper Rash, Straw Cups

IMAG2607   IMAG2610 IMAG2614   IMAG2618