Ellen’s One Week Update

Ellen Olivia Nay was born on June 5, 2014 at 11:30 am.

Weight: 8 lbs 9 oz
Length: 21.5 in


After seeing that Ellen could be a 10 pound baby from our last ultrasound, we decided to go ahead with the scheduled C-Section we had planned if she didn’t decide to come before then. After a day of walking, raspberry tea drinking, a primrose oil pill (we are no stranger to trying to get induce labor naturally) — and only small Braxton Hicks like contractions, we dropped off Boullie with his bestie Bayia, dropped of Vivi with the Grandparents, and checked in to the hospital at 9 am.

Though Vivi did not do great in the hospital setting meeting Ellen, she wasn’t awful and has become really sweet with Ellen at home.

All you want is to see what you baby will look like, but the fact is that even when they come out, you still have no idea. Vivienne surprises me today with her curly hair and long eyelashes. So even though they my look similar as newborns — who knows?! They each have their own unique qualities and we are so lucky to get to watch their little personalities grow into the little people we will help them become.

Here are a few comparison photos I have been wanting to see side-by-side myself.

ELLEN pics on the LEFT | VIVIENNE pics on the RIGHT

In the OR
SANY0230   Vivienne Rose 228

Open Eyes
IMAG2348   IMG_1911

Daddy Pics
SANY0234  Vivi Home (al cell) (11)


Vivi Home (al cam) (28)


Ellen is almost back to her birth weight at one week which means that mama has been doing my job waking her up to eat every few hours. I really do this more for myself than Ellen – as I am determined to stay on top of breast feeding to avoid any pains early on that I can — so far no cabbage needed (just a high power hospital pump).

Like all newborns Ellen sleeps A LOT which is a biological necessity for ANY parent to enjoy this period of “rest.” I don’t remember Vivi sleeping quite this much, but I’ll take it! Ellen does seem to be getting her days and nights straight. She is awake for a bit in the morning and then a bit during dinner then for the past 2 nights has slept for 3 hours at a time.

What a wonderful addition to our family Ellen is!

Entering the Final Stretch & Mixed Feelings About My Scheduled C-Section

I went from my MidWife plan with Vivi to a scheduled C-Section with NayBaby #2. While I am not planning on using the scheduled date … it has been weighing on me, making the appointment was like scheduling a dentist. No, June 3 (my niece Emery’s bday) won’t work for me how about the 4th? No, OK the 5th then … I mean scheduling a birthday over the telephone is a BIG decision!

While with Vivi it seemed like life stopped for her to enter this world, this one feels like we are trying desperately to slow it down a bit as it is pushing us full force forward. The first time around cloth diapers were perfectly washed and placed in baskets ready to be used, clothes were hung neatly and I was hand crafting little bows to put in her hair. Now diapers are strung everywhere because Vivi loves to pull them out, clothes are stuffed in drawers unfolded and bows? … Where did they all go?

Instead of being able to spend most of my maternity leave all together, Chester will get a few days off school. Vivi will have to get used to someone else stealing her “baby” title and our attention. And Boullie will have to deal with the sound of the wind a bit longer, as we cannot move because of his recent anxiety diagnosis.

I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter how she comes into the world, as long as she comes — when she is ready we will be as ready as we can be. There is one thing for sure, we will have our hands full loving our baby girls.




IMAG2795 IMAG2217 IMAG2152